A novel with Spiritual Twists

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In this modern era, we usually face the trauma between our mind and belief. To deal with them one has to connect with ‘virtues, values and morals’ and all these lead to maintain the balance of true spiritualism. A contented, stress-free and purposeful life is what everyone desire for.  Since ancient ages, the mind is considered as the sixth sense and the center of all activities of the senses. When one hears about sense objects, the mind becomes cluttered with different ideas for gratification. Both the senses and the mind become affected by lust. Then, the humanity and love get affected by lusty desires. The lusty intelligence influences the soul (the real individual within the body) to acquire the false ego and identify with matter and the material senses, mind and intelligence. The soul becomes addicted to enjoying the material senses and mistakes this as true happiness.

The title ‘Greed, Lust and Addiction’ itself tells us that all the forces greed, lust and addiction are at work in the very fabric of our society, our relationships, and in our very souls.  The treachery of sins like- lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride- is that while they promise freedom and fulfillment, they lead to addiction and emptiness.

Ravi Dabral, the famous professional writer depicts spiritualism can certainly be the guiding light for the modern society that has been encircled by the vices of greed, lust and addiction. The juxtaposition of the evil and the pure is remarkable in this novel. It gives us an idea about the confusion between right doings and wrong doings. It works as a ray of light for many readers, whose feelings are corrupted amongst the virtue and vices. It’s a tale that unfolds slowly but in a better way that adds more to its literary weight and mysterious of realism. The main theme deals with the current state of corrupt politics and the problem of sick mentality in the bureaucracy and government. This fiction gives an idea about the reformation and influence of the accomplished Sadhus and Sanyasis, through the positive sides of Yoga, meditation, religious secrets to a better life.  The characters including Vijay, Suraj, Guruji, Sima, Priya and many others have been taken from the real world and they depict the real crime scenario.

In a nutshell, it’s a perfect fiction for the all kind readers. Considered as the best book in reformation, it has many things to learn, rejoice and entertainment.

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