Ravi believes that one should ‘always remember those who helped us in our personal and professional life; forget if you have helped someone, and always keep a list of persons whom you want to help out’. So, there are many more people who helped and inspired me in my life and to write this book whose names are mentioned below:

  • Professor B. L. Sah, Director (ASC), Kumaun University, Nainital
  • Professor M.M. Semwal, H.O.D. Political Science, H.N.B. Garhwal (Central) University
  • Dr. Sunil Khosla, Principal, Punjab University Constituent College, Balachaur
  • Dr. Rajesh Paliwal, Associate Professor, Political Science, BSM (PG) College, Roorkee & Regional Director, Uttarakhand Open University
  • Mr. Vinod Kumar Dabral (Kamraj) who is MA Sociology (Gold Medalist), Author’s cousin & childhood friend
  • R.P. Dabral, My school Art Teacher
  • Manglesh Dabral, prominent contemporary Indian poet
  • Prabhat Dabral, Journalist
  • S.S. Sharma, My school Sanskrit Teacher
  • Sunil Thapliyal, President – Uttarakhand Association of Singapore (UASG)
  • Suresh Nautiyal, Social Worker
  • Vijai Kapoor, Ex-Boss
  • Vinod Jakhmola,  Anglo Indian Café & Bar, Singapore