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Secrets of a Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Life

(Learned from Himalayan Yogis and experiences shared by famous personalities). 1st book in the series “Materialism Vs Spiritualism

Ravi has heard and read a lot about many famous international personalities such as Steve Jobs (ex-owner of Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook). They went to Uttarakhand in Himalayas, known as Devbhoomi (the abode of Gods) and learned spirituality under the guidance of Ashram Gurus and Yogis of Himalayas; and after that they became renowned and wealthy.

Ravi was embarrassed to know this fact that foreigners understood the importance of spiritual powers of Gurus and Yogis of Himalayas; but being born and brought up in Uttarakhand he was not able to understand their role and significance.

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For around fifteen years, Ravi did extensive studies, research, exploration, investigation and interacted with many Himalayan Yogis and Ashram Gurus. During his visit to Ashrams in the Himalayas, he came to know about real-life experiences of renowned personalities. Basis anonymity, they agreed to share their enlightened experiences for the benefits of the global readers and citizens.

Ravi believe in sharing knowledge, so through a series of books he has decided to spread these material and spiritual secrets with global readers to help them to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life.  He feel that after learning from these enriched experiences, together as a team, we can make this world a better, safe and peaceful place to live in.

Ravi seek your support and best wishes during journey of bringing material wealth and spiritual peace to the global citizens.