Conflicts of Human Emotions

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Spiritual and mental peace is necessary in this age of nihilism. People and their mind are corrupted with greed, lust, addiction, cruelty, hatred any many more. To find peace and healthy state of mind, one needs to meditate. Yoga has the power of reformation. Through meditation, one can find the inner truth and try to control the negative emotions.

‘Greed, Lust and Addiction’ is one of those novels which has a fantastic sequence of drama and fiction. It is based on the journey of an investigative journalists with conflicts and twists. It mainly focuses on the life and explorations of an investigative journalist, Suraj. The plot wonderfully folded in two plots. One part runs through the old diary of Suraj and another runs in the mainstream- the life of Vijay, Suraj’s younger brother. The important character Vijay has many shades. When Vijay begins reading the diary of Suraj ( who has died), he feels a change within himself and tries to pursue along with his girlfriend Sima, the sting operation that Suraj was into before his ‘death’. The story turns with surprising plots and incidents. The another important character, Guruji influences other characters in many ways throughout the novel. The theme of spiritual pursuits is also very effectively dealt with in this novel.

This is inspired by realistic thoughts and personal experience of the writer Rabi Dabral. The writer has beautifully described Yoga, Meditation, Sadhu and their importance and practices through spiritual power. Most importantly, the corruption and sick mentality amongst politicians, government and bureaucracy are dealt in a good way by the writer. The elements of ‘contemporary realism’ portrays the realities of the modern India with surprising hints to stay connected with roots. The novel is considered as an amazing novel, not only because it entertains but also it has the special theme which enlightens and guides. It is written in an easy language and the writer is professional enough not to leave any doubt in the story.

The readers of different age groups can comfortably read the book and comprehend the sense and mysterious allusions without any confusion. A great piece of fiction for readers who enjoy crime thriller along with innovative and sensible touch.

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