Greed, Lust and Addiction

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Discovering various things on styles of writing reflects in this piece of fiction by the famous author Ravi Dabral. Connecting the experiences of life and collaborating journey with observations are shown in a very interesting way. ‘Greed, Lust and Addiction’ is a gift to the modern world of writing and it promises lots of twists and turns, conflicts, drama, emotions, romance, suspense and action proving a overall thrilling experience to the readers of every age. An element of excitement and fictional style of story-telling collaborate a reformation, which has the mixture of both – The Material World and The Spiritual World. It has an interesting plot regarding crime thriller that has the ability to keep readers to understand the realities of the contemporary India- crime, murders, corruption and judiciary and so on.
The fight against corruption and evil in the society becomes larger with the involvement of many hardworking people and it commences into the formation of a political party- Human Welfare Party. The theme deals with the present state of corrupt politics and the problem of sick mentality in the bureaucracy and government. The novel narrates an investigate journalist’s journey along with the mysteries of corrupt material world. The combination of thoughts between the love and lust draws the prevailing conditions in this era of modernism. Greed, lust and addiction are the forces at work in the surface area of our society along with human relationships and souls. The story unfolds in a better way of literary weight and mysterious of realism. Important characters Vijay, Suraj, Sima, Priya and many others play the roles of real world and they depict the crime scenario. Guruji plays an important role. He represents the dominating character, which shows his disciples the way of living and they just work day and night. It gives an idea about the reformation and influence of the accomplished Sadhu’s and Sanyasis, through the positive sides of yoga, meditation, religious secrets to a better life.
This novel shows how a person can manage to live happily and righteously in this modern world based on his or her realization and knowledge. The author has wisely chosen the theme to attract readership from the youths as well as from those who have grown up long enough to understand the ways of the world.
This novel is famous for its narration of the political, social and real world existence.

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