Idealism and Realism

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Idealism and Realism is not the same thing, but they are connected in one way or other.  The title of the book gives rise to ‘greed, lust and addiction’ which are very common to this modern age of materialism. Throughout history, we’ve proven that one of human’s main motivations is greed. The need to want more is a form of evolutions in human, pushing us by creating new things to make lives better.  Despite of trying so hard to be good in this world, we all have darkness inside that leads us to act according to our convenience. History witnessed many injustices and crimes which are against humanity since ancient times.

‘Greed, Lust and Addiction’ is a novel that can be enjoyed by the readers of any age group. It has an interesting plot regarding crime thriller that has the ability to keep readers fly in their sky of imagination. Adding to that, Ravi Dabral has used his excellence story-telling style with good communication in ‘modern realism’ that show the realities of the contemporary India- crime, murders, corruption, and judiciary and so on.

The novel narrates an investigative journalist’s journey along with the revealing thrillingly the mysteries of the corrupt material world. When some are determined to achieve what they want, they won’t care about the consequences or who gets on the way.  Our primal and destructive nature considers as the main reason for lust and addiction.  How spiritualism along with yoga and meditation help us to reform our truth and understand the difference between love and lust. Believing in following life’s virtuous, righteous and spiritual path, how far will he succeed in a society dominated by corrupt politicians, unscrupulous greedy businessmen, puppet government, insensitive bureaucracy and even a biased judiciary? How one deal with spiritual twists with intriguing facts about life’s perception between the evil and the pure?  The juxtaposition of thoughts amongst the vices of greed, lust and addiction draws the prevailing conditions in this modern world.

With the mixture of vision and expectations from Indian English Literature, the novel possesses a class of modern share of thrill and fiction entertainment. The novel is known as an interesting read, not only because of its entertainment elements but also it enlightens and guides. The author presents the problems of modern society, and the solutions that we might need.

Best book in fiction, crime, thriller, reformation, politics with mysterious plots by a famous professional author.

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