Ravi’s Views

Materialism is the mantra of the modern generation, which regards ‘sensual pleasure’ as the purpose of life. The motto is, ‘eat, drink and be merry’, for once the body is reduced to dust or ashes there is no hope of coming back again on this Earth. This philosophy gives rise to ‘greed, lust and addiction’ which are vices within us.

As against materialism philosophy, spiritualism, which was the guiding principle of our ancient generations, and is still adopted by a limited few, believes in having ‘virtues, values and morals’ to live a contented, stress-free and purposeful life to finally get enlightenment.

Social reforms

The plight of farmers is known to one and all. They are the backbones of our society and because of them only we are blessed with food that nourishes us. Yet, it is quite ironic that they are living in shambles. Their living standard is appalling. Ravi desires to change all of this with the aid of economic and social reforms at root level.

He wants local and NRI investors to step up to the challenge. Instead of investing in real estate, fixed deposits and stock markets, he suggest them to invest in Agriculture sector. It will act a win-win proposition for both the parties. Investors will benefit from productive growth areas at the root level of the economy and farmers will earn extra income from all the development going around. Another major benefit will be preservation of natural resources and protection of environment for sustainable development.

Ravi has already begun his quest in making this dream come true. He is in constant touch with renowned activists like Mr. Subhash Palekar (pioneer in Natural & Zero Budget Farming), Madhu Chandan (promoter of Organic Mandya), NRI Investors, among others.

Forming a political party for political reforms

Instead of playing the blame-game targeting politicians for the development of the country whom ironically voters elect to form the Government.  Ravi believes that we need to first self-reform ourselves then only come forward to reform the society.  If we are materially satisfied then surely we can make this world a happy place by focussing on spiritual well-being.   As we are materially not happy so everyone whether politician, fake babas, religious gurus or businesspersons are taking undue advantage of us. People who are materially satisfied need to form a political party.  Mantra should be  ‘Don’t hate politics; hate corrupt politicians’

Unfortunately many intellectual feel that present day politics has become dirty and we should avoid dirtying our hands.

As we know politics is another form of social service and the only difference between social service and politics is that politicians have access to taxpayers’ money and borrowed international funds for public welfare but social workers lack funds. These public funds instead of using for public welfare, corrupt politicians divert for self-welfare. If we help honest people to reach the State Legislative Assembly or Parliament, then we can at least stop misuse of public and borrowed funds and can have control over natural resources which politicians and businesspersons are exploiting for their greed.”

All awaken citizens and intellectuals in the country should come forward to form and register a political party at regional and national level.   Campaigning and canvassing should be solely based on merits, issue based and positive campaign without getting involved in any controversy with already established and reputed political parties. Candidates would be selected based on their profile, past experience, character and reputation. There should not be any criminal charges or cases pending against any candidates; money should be spent to a bare minimum; core issues relating to farmers and poor people should be highlighted during the election campaign.

The principles of Bhagwat Geeta (Karma philosophy and welfare meditation); Chanakya-Chandragupta’s economic & political teachings; and modern business, marketing, administration & management strategies can be adopted and adapted to manage this newly formed political party.

Ambitiousness of candidates and party workers should be taken care as this is one of the main reasons for the failure and break-up of many political parties.

Five teams can be formed such as:

 Chanakya Team (kingmakers or strategists or intellectuals) comprising of retired judges, army personnel, professors, principals, doctors, lawyers, bankers, financial consultants, engineering graduates from IITs and other renowned Universities, business & management professional graduates from IIMs serving in MNCs and big corporate houses, architects, authors, celebrities, sportspersons, etc.  These persons should not have any ambitiousness and interest in holding any political position at least for initial five years. Their role as strategists would be crucial in guiding and enlightening the ambitious aspiring leaders to reform the society.  The mantra of Chanakya Team should be ‘Don’t hate politics, hate corrupt politicians.’  

Chandragupta Team (leaders or aspiring politicians who want to hold portfolio as a minister). Persons who are already leaders in their professional or business life such as managing directors, chief executive officers (CEO) of big corporates, social workers, activists, principals, teachers, retired army officers, ex-captain of sports team, etc.  who are financially secured and not making politics as career for earning money, having clean image and want to serve the public through welfare meditation.

Financial supporters or investors or businesspersons neither having time nor interest in becoming part of Chanakya Team or Chandragupta Team but willing to financially support the new political party and smart village projects with twin benefits; for their long-term business sustainability and to reform the society by helping farmers, poor people and their children.

Social reformers having expertise in fields relating to public welfare, e.g. education, healthcare, tourism, organic and herbal farming, infrastructure development, construction, import-export, defence, etc. who can make plans and policies to remove poverty and illiteracy from the country.

Grass root workers or volunteers; school and college students, Ashram volunteers, activists, NGO workers, Corporate employees, etc. Apart from helping in the implementation of smart village projects,  they can work on a part-time basis by directly or indirectly interacting with voters under the guidance of Chanakya,  Chandragupta and Reformer team. Initially, they can educate and convince voters about the importance of electing a deserving honest candidate to rule the State or the Country. Later on, they can keep an eye on the implementation of development projects.

The strategists or Chanakya Team of ‘Human Welfare Party’ after consulting   Indian Institute of Management (IIM) graduates should suggest contesting elections professionally applying modern-day concepts and methods for advertising, publicity, sales, marketing & promotion; business management and administration, and project implementation strategies to give the best value to voters for their votes.

 AIDA principles for promotion and publicity that is, ‘Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action’ can be adopted. Awareness about candidates of Human Welfare Party associated with Farmers Welfare Society, to arouse Interest of voters based on candidates’ profile and clean image to create Desire among voters to vote for honest candidates based on their credentials and finally taking Action on the Election Day to cast a vote in favour of our party’s candidates.

Four Ps; Product, Place, Promotion and Price factors of Sales & Marketing propounded by renowned international Marketing Guru Mr Philip Kotler can be kept in mind. That is Product, a  qualified and honest candidate with a clean image. Place, a candidate who is well versed with the local area and its issues. Promotion, to promote the candidate using AIDA principles. Price, need to highlight to the voters that if they elect a wrong candidate which they have been doing in the past, then such elected politician can misuse public funds for self-welfare rather than for public welfare so electing a bad candidate is going to cost high in the long run particularly to next generation.

Maslow’s motivational theory to select candidates who are at self-realisation stage of their life and willing to serve the public through welfare meditation route should be observed. This is to ensure that the primary motive of the candidate in joining politics should be for social service and not for greed, ambitiousness for power, to hide criminal activities and to get VIP security.

The objective is to elect politicians or leaders with high integrity who can use the taxpayers’ funds and borrowed funds form World Bank, International Monetary Funds and International Financial Institutions judiciously and transparently which so far all political parties have failed since independence.

Political reforms

Ravi follows the motto “Don’t hate politics hate corrupt politicians.”

The basic objective of both social service and politics is the same, namely public welfare. The only plus point in politics is that you have control over resources like natural resources, taxpayers’ funds and borrowed funds, law and order, role in making plans, policies and laws, and can serve the society on a mass scale and in a sustainable manner.

Ravi is concerned about the state of politics in modern India – lawbreakers are the lawmakers.  The flexibility of constitutional provisions is to blame for this.

For ages the public has had deep-rooted prejudices based on caste, creed, and religion. The politicians are exploiting these prejudiced minds through divisive politics for their personal benefits. In a way, they are conning the voters by cleverly and cunningly using people’s prejudiced minds and taxpayers’ funds for their personal benefits.

We, the common people, have the Brahmastra through voting power to elect honest politicians who can resolve the serious issues.

Elected politicians and Ruling Political Parties should be treated as the service providers to taxpayers and voters who have equal rights over the country’s natural resources and be held liable for providing defective services or non-delivery of services within the purview of Consumer Protection Acts.

Accountability and responsibility should be fixed on the political party’s President, Prime Minister and Chief Minister of ruling political party running the Government,  for the false and unrealistic promises made by their party workers, politicians and ministers during elections.  There should be a check and balance on lip services and oratory skills used by these to ultimately con the innocent public to get their votes.

Legal Reforms

The present judicial system is based on the adversary or rivalry legal system wherein the legal battle is fought in the battle ground of court between two parties to take revenge from each other using their facts, evidence, and witnesses as weapons. In this rivalry system, there is scope for powerful parties (politicians, celebrities, mafias, white-collar criminals, corporates, etc.) having muscle and money power to twist facts, manipulate evidence, and buy or otherwise threaten witnesses to make their case strong against the weaker parties. This they do with the help of high-cost influential lawyers cum touts.

There is a need to promote and adopt an inquisitive or investigative legal system. Through this system, investigative and detective arm should be provided to the judges at the lower, higher and top court level. This investigative and detective arm will help in protecting witnesses and building the trust of the general public in the judicial system.

There is great need for legal reforms at institutional level but it will take time. At the individual level wherein most of the disputes arise due to false ego position, Courts should promote ‘mediation’ as an alternate way to resolve millions of disputes as is the case in many countries such as Singapore. Mediation works on the principles of ‘move on’ approach in life. This way millions of pending legal disputes in courts relating to marriage, property and other civil cases can be resolved amicably outside Court between individuals and corporates.”

Media Reforms

Nowadays, media has become a dirty business having anchors and reporters as salespersons to increase the TRP. The debate, discussion and argument shown on news channels among different political parties’ spokespersons, is a kind of bullfight or cockfight wherein the TV anchor acts as an umpire provoking the bulls or cocks or spokespersons for the entertainment of innocent public with the ultimate objective to generate revenue. There is no doubt that media runs the business, and instead of guiding, it is misguiding the public. They are doing dirty business by spreading poison in the society.

On the other hand, journalism can be a big contributor to spreading awareness among the masses and eliminating corrupt practices through white magic and reforms in the country.  The scope of journalism should be broadened by highlighting issues and ensuring  conclusive solution of public issues in a time-bound manner to uphold the true objective of democracy and the spirit of the constitution – the welfare of the public.

Religious reforms

One of the objectives of self-reform is to become a good human being with a pure soul by involving yourself in the service of others through welfare meditation.

Our parents are just biological parents, and their role is to support us till we settle down in our career. Our real parents are in the form of ethics, discipline, humbleness, manners, empathy and virtues which make us a good human being and will guide us throughout our life as a concerned and civilized citizen.  Our grandparents are in the form of sanskars, values, culture, traditions, customs and heritage to keep us connected to our roots.  It seems because of greed, lust and addiction we have forgotten all these teachings.”

This World has diversity and variety basis religions, castes, languages, cultures and heritages, which is similar to having different flowers in a garden. Unfortunately, politicians have misused this unique feature for their divisive vote bank politics by spreading hatred among global citizens.

Almost all religions have failed in achieving the objective of world peace, so there is a great need to inculcate Humanism philosophy at the school level to make this world a peaceful, pollution free and better place to live in.

There should be five main principles covered in the humanism philosophy.

 The first principle should be ‘self-reform’ and ‘social reform’ by promoting National Social Service (NSS), welfare meditation and smart village projects.

 Second, ‘respect and care for Mother Nature’ to protect the Environment.

 Third, be a good human being having empathy and respects for the perspectives of others to inculcate a sense of brotherhood and secularism.

 Fourth, give importance to virtues, values, ethics, and morals in school and college curriculum.

 Fifth, avoid vices such as lust, greed and addiction as these are the main causes of most of the crimes in the world.”

The root cause of social, financial, environmental, religious and political degradation is the lack of morals, values and ethics.  Desires are limitless, and we need to understand the basic difference between need, want, luxury and addiction to live a stress-free life.  The existing corrupt system can be cured through self, social, political, media, institutional and legal reforms.”

We need to share our views on self, social, political, media, institutional, religious reforms on social media to aware, alert and awaken the general public. We need to convince the country’s Top Court Judges that this is a common voice of citizens to initiate the reforms by taking strict measures on urgent basis. We cannot rely any more on corrupt politicians and bureaucrats as they have miserably failed to do anything concrete to eradicate poverty, hunger and illiteracy.

Ravi seeks your kind support in his mission of social, political, legal, institutional and religious reforms in India and world.

Propagating Humanism philosophy

India is the only blessed country in the world having maximum diversity and variety based on religion, caste, language, food, tradition, customs, culture, and heritage, which is similar to having different flowers in a garden. Unfortunately, evil and corrupt politicians have misused this unique feature of India for their divisive vote bank politics by spreading hatred among citizens through propaganda using puppet media.

Almost all religions have failed in achieving the objective of world peace, so there is a great need to inculcate ‘Humanism Philosophy’ at school and college level to make this world a peaceful, pollution free and better place to live in.

There should be five main principles covered in the humanism philosophy or white magic.

The first principle should be focussing on ‘self-reform’ and ‘social reform’ by promoting National Social Service (NSS), welfare meditation and smart village projects.

Second, ‘respect and care for Mother Earth’ to protect the Environment.

Third, be a good human being having empathy and respect for the perspectives of others to inculcate a ‘sense of brotherhood’ and ‘secularism.’

Fourth, give importance to ‘virtues, values, and morals’ in school and college curriculum to develop an inclination towards the spiritual way of life.

Fifth, avoid vices such as ‘lust, greed and addiction’ as these are the main causes of most of the crimes in today’s material world.”