Secrets of Life

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The non-fictional novel, ‘Greed, Lust and Addiction’, comes with the secrets of life that has set new benchmarks for the Indian English fiction. The novel has many aspects and it folds many interesting parts that deal with the elements that are often ignored in general by the society. With the perfect amount of romance and love, the novel also shows the hidden desires with greed, lust, jealousy, betrayal and addiction. It has spiritual importance and truthfulness in some parts, which lead to a peaceful life.

The novel has an atmosphere of contrast between the two ways of life, ‘living a life of lust’ and ‘teaching someone the value of true love’. Physical love and spiritual love found a new way to explore and understand in this piece of writing. Sexual encounters and spiritual salvation found deep stories to build at the same time. The juxtaposition of brightness and darkness of human soul is narrated in a brilliant way.  The protagonist and other characters are different from one another. Their ideologies and perspectives are not identical in the matter of life. The book narrates the journey and incidents of an investigate journalist, revealing dark sides of corrupt material world. In the form of Guruji, an important character is introduced who leads the way of truth and salvation to make this society a better place. Yoga and meditation help a person to maintain righteous in life. How can someone deal with truth in this world full of sarcasm and corruption? How far can people go for rights and betterment in the biased society?

The famous Ravi Dabral, who is known as an author who loves to create imaginative plots through his narratives, has written a plot that deals with each of the characters and their thoughts individually. The author chose the theme of spiritual interest and has written freely on the ways to lead a happy and satisfied life aloof from the trivial materialistic pursuits. This novel deals with the vices in our society- corruption, greed, lust, weak government system, Judicial complications, political problems and injustice of bureaucracy. The writing style of Ravi Dabral has launched him as a fantastic author capable to keep his readers entertained as well as indulged in constant thinking over the issues of the real world and the secrets of life.

This novel has been appreciated by the readers for its competence as a thriller and by the critics for its mysterious plot.

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