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About the books... 

Ravi Dabral has written two books so far – one novel and one non-fiction book on spiritual secrets that help people concentrate and get the best out of their lives. His bestselling book Greed Lust Addiction: Victory of Vices Makes you a Champion, is a crime thriller novel that has made him an instantly-established novelist in India. He is one of the best crime thriller novelists in India now. Below are the books by him. You can know more by his books by clicking on the links (given after the description) and also get the links to buy the books.


Greed Lust Addiction is the debut novel by Ravi Dabral. It was published in the year 2019, January. In this novel, Ravi has written about an investigative journalist Suraj who takes on the corrupt nexus of politicians, media and administration. Fearing his actions, he is supposedly killed by the goons hired by the people on high ranks. However, is he really dead? Will he come back? What will happen thereafter? And this novel also takes up the theme of spirituality and tries to offer original opinions of the author from time to time. It will be an ideal read for the readers of spiritual fiction, crime thriller novels and contemporary Indian English literature. 


Greed Lust Addiction’s Hindi version is Laalach Vaasna Lat. The novel has been translated by the author himself and he has even overdriven at a few places making the Hindi version even more original and unique. Ravi Dabral has highlighted the importance of restraint and patience on the times when we are in rage. We should rather make our anger against any idea so worthy that it translates into social works and social conscious building. This is for all the readers who can read and understand the Hindi language.


Ravi Dabral has written this book before his first novel. This book is a collective message that the author offers after gathering so many ideas by meeting many people, visiting many places of religious importance and interacting with the Sadhus and Sanyasis who live on the mountains and in Ashrams of the remote locations in India – Himalaya and other secluded places. In this book, Ravi Dabral shares the ideas that can help the readers in remaining healthy, wealthy as well as happy. 

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