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“Integrated Farming & Home Stay Project” in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand

Project Overview:

This initiative / project aims to establish a sustainable combined “integrated farming and home stay project” in Uttarakhand, leveraging the collective efforts and expertise of diverse stakeholders from different fields aiming to achieve mission and vision that is overall development of Uttarakhand starting at ground level. The project's key components include agricultural practices, tourism opportunities, and stakeholders’ engagement through collective efforts and synergy effect.

Project Summary:

By harnessing the expertise and collaboration of diverse stakeholders/expert in different fields, we aim to create a sustainable and economically viable integrated farming and home stay project in Uttarakhand, benefiting both the local community and local & NRI investors while promoting eco-tourism and long-term agricultural sustainability.

List of Stakeholders Involved:

  1. Existing Agriculture Land Owners:

- Agriculture Landowners in Uttarakhand willing to lease their barren / normal lands for a minimum of 15/20 years as big chunk of land will be required for this project. At present there is no Bhu-kanoon or Chakbandi (similar to Himachal Pradesh) in Uttarakhand so written consent of local villagers is a “condition precedent“ for this integrated farming project.

- Consent will be required from landowners residing in Uttarakhand or elsewhere.

2. Integrated Farming Experts:

- Individuals or consultants with a track record of successful integrated farming, either in Uttarakhand or other states or other countries.

- They will provide guidance and expertise in designing the integrated farming and home stay aspect of the project based on their ground level experience and successful revenue & profit generation model.

3. Local/Foreign / Uttarakhandi NRI Investors:

- Potential investors, initially focused on Uttarakhand, interested in supporting the integrated farming and home stay venture basis emotional attachment but also return on investment as a key investment criteria.

4. Labour Management Contractors:

- Specialists / contractors who can source labour for agricultural work in Uttarakhand, considering the labour shortage due to migration.

- Recruitment of labour by these contractors from neighbouring regions like Nepal and Bihar may be necessary.

5. Marketing and Sales Teams:

- Local and International Agencies specializing in marketing and selling products (at local, India and abroad) derived from integrated farming. Generally, they only entertain producers if there is a certain volume to sell, market or export.

- Promotion of home stay travel plans and integrated farming produce as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

6. Agriculture and Technical Consultants:

- International agriculture consultants (such as from Israil) offering technical expertise for integrated farming practices.

- Consultants in marketing, branding, and social media to create awareness about the project.

7. Travel Consultants for Home Stay Project:

- Travel Professionals who can facilitate tourism to the project sites, showcasing integrated farming and home stay opportunities as an USP.

8. Event Management Companies:

- Organizations experienced in organizing seminars, workshops, events, and

awareness campaigns to find investors.

- Their role will be crucial in bringing all stakeholders together for discussions and

exploration of investment opportunities.

9. Environmental Consultants:

- Experts in sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, ensuring the project

aligns with environmental regulations and conservation efforts.

10. Legal Advisors:

- Legal experts specializing in land lease agreements, contracts, and compliance

with local regulations.

11. Financial Advisors:

- Professionals providing financial planning and investment guidance for the

project and advising on Government financial help and subsidies for such


- Establish connections with local and state government bodies for regulatory

approvals, permits, and potential support or incentives for sustainable farming

and tourism initiatives.

- Initially it takes a few years to generate income from such projects so till that

time Government funding / subsidies will help to save huge interest costs.

12. Community Engagement Partners:

- Organizations or individuals skilled in engaging with local communities to build

trust and foster collaboration for mutual benefits in long run.

13. Vendor Management (Seeds Suppliers, Supply Chain and Logistics Experts):

Work with professionals who can optimize the supply chain for agricultural products, ensuring timely delivery and minimizing waste.

Partner with suppliers of seeds, fertilizers, machinery, and equipment to ensure a consistent and reliable supply chain for farming operations.

14. Educational Institutions:

- Collaborate with local universities, agricultural colleges, and vocational schools to provide training and workshops for local farmers and youth interested in agriculture.

Project Milestones:

- As a basic and first step we need to prepare a list of individuals or consultants with a track record of successful integrated farming, either in Uttarakhand or other states such as Asam or other countries.

- As a second step we need to organise workshops, seminars or events with the help of event management companies to invite concerned stakeholders to discuss and debate integrated farming and home stay project on “collective effort & synergy effect basis” to check its feasibility & profitability in long term.

- Thereafter, we need to outline key project milestones such as land acquisition on lease basis, farm setup, marketing strategies, tourism promotion, investment planning, etc.

Budget and Financing:

Detail the financial requirements and potential sources of funding, including investments and Government grants and subsidies available for such integrated farming projects.

Project Timelines:

Provide an estimated timeline for the project's initiation, execution, and expected outcomes through a detailed feasibility project report keeping in mind interests of all stakeholders.

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