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Ravi Dabral

Title holder of ‘International Man of Excellence Award’ for outstanding achievements in Education, Business, Corporate & Social Service fields.
Decorated with more than 25 academic as well as professional qualifications.
Fellow Member of Internationally recognized professional bodies such as The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), London, United Kingdom (U.K.); The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), New Delhi; The Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of India (ICAI, India, and so on.

Ravi Dabral (born in Dehradun, India), is an author, commodity trader and consultant known for his acclaimed books ‘Secrets of a Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Life’ and ‘Greed Lust Addiction’.

Ravi’s background from Uttarakhand; multiple post graduate qualifications in economics, political science, laws, commerce, etc.; an international commodity trader based in Singapore; courses in creative writing; and keen interest in entrepreneurship, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality makes him a well versed and fully equipped author to write nonfiction and fiction books in the domain of ‘materialism versus spiritualism’, keeping in mind both the sensual and spiritual needs of the readers.

Ravi has a dream to instil virtuous traits in students and the young generation through his writings to make this world a better and more peaceful place to live in.

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Authorpreneur with a vision to make this world a better place to live

Social reforms

The plight of farmers is known to one and all. They are the backbones of our society and because of them only we are blessed with food that nourishes us. Yet, it is quite ironic that they are living in shambles. Their living standard is appalling.

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Political reforms

Ravi follows the motto “Don’t hate politics hate corrupt politicians.” The basic objective of both social service and politics is the same, namely public welfare. The only plus point in politics is that you have control over resources…

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Legal Reforms

The present judicial system is based on the adversary or rivalry legal system wherein the legal battle is fought in the battle ground of court between two parties to take revenge from each other using their facts, evidence, and witnesses…

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Secrets of a Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Life

Learned from Himalayan Yogis and experiences shared by famous personalities

Ravi has heard and read a lot about many famous international personalities such as Steve Jobs (ex-owner of Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook).

They went to Uttarakhand in Himalayas, known as Devbhoomi (the abode of Gods) and learned spirituality under the guidance of Ashram Gurus and Yogis of Himalayas; and after that they became renowned and wealthy.

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